Beginner’s Guide to Snorkeling

If you ever wanted to try snorkeling but you’re thinking about whether it would be hard or that you will embarrass yourself, then erase those thoughts in your mind. Snorkeling is fun and learning it doesn’t require rocket science or even require you to have mastered many water sports. Heck, even if you’re a city dweller, you will ultimately find that snorkeling is one of the best experience you can have in the world!

One of the things that hinder beginners from continuing to learn snorkeling is the poor first time experience. Many beginners experience frustration because people thought that snorkeling is very easy, that all you need to do is to get your gear and jump right into the water. To be fair and to make sure that you have the mental strength ready, snorkeling can be a tad scary and frustrating experience for first timers. But once you get the hang of it, you will be able to enjoy it to its fullest.

Choosing the Right Gear

If you will go to a snorkeling rental shop, then make sure that you can create the best size and shape that will perfectly fit to your face. In addition, make sure that you choose a snorkeling mask that would prevent fogging.

In addition to that, try to find a dry snorkel and probably one with a splash guard. If you don’t take time to carefully choose a good snorkel, you might experience an unpleasant flood of water coming down to your snorkel.

The final thing that you need to consider is the fins. Make sure that you get a fin that is neither too tight nor too loose. Also avoid fins that hurt when you wear them. They will give you a tremendous amount of swimming force and they will save you a lot of energy to help you go further.


Once you get your gears, make sure that your practice with first, even before going to the beach. Practice on putting your mask, adjusting the strap so that it’s quite fit but not tight. When you inhale, your mask should suction your face. Also the snorkel should feel comfortable; adjusting it until you are most comfortable will help you get used to your gear before heading to the water. Plus, practice putting your fins.

Once you are comfortable enough wearing your gear, you can begin practicing in swimming pools or in calm, shallow parts of beach. It will take some time to train your body into becoming comfortable breathing through your snorkel. It’s best to find a knowledgeable person to help you in practicing.

When you go out to snorkel, make sure that you have enough information about your destination. Choose carefully and try to make sure that you’ve got the correct ocean condition during the time of your snorkeling.

Best Places to Go Scuba

One of the most popular sports today is scuba diving. It doesn’t only offer a great recreational activity, it also allows you to explore the depths of the sea and ocean. Scuba diving allows you to explore the depths of the ocean and see wonders never before seen. There are numerous scuba diving sites all around the world, but you can’t visit all of them in your lifetime, unless you are immortal and as rich as Bill Gates. So here we are, helping you find the best scuba diving spots in the world! Let’s start

Puerto Galera, Philippines

With more than seven thousand islands, you can probably never get tired finding new spots to dive. However, among thousands of coastal areas, Puerto Galera is among the best. Aside from its beautiful beach and sand as well as numerous tourist spots, it has a wonderful diving spot. You can see a lot of marine life as well as beautiful coral reefs.

Koh Tao Island, Thailand

There is a resort off the gulf of Thailand that is dedicated to scuba diving. You will be able to experience diving with grey reef sharks as well as whale sharks too. You can also see a school of fish here and there. If you want to commune with marine animals while enjoying a great scenery, then this place is for you.

Kailua Kona, Hawaii

You can call Hawaii as a huge marine reserve. Actually, it was the second largest marine reserve in the world (before that, it was the first but Australia took the throne from Hawaii). There are a lot of marine animals to see, including a school of colorful tropical fish. There are also giant sea turtles, sharks, stingrays, whales along with wonderful coral reefs. If you’d like to find the best spot in Hawaii, the town of Kailua Kona is your best bet.

Utila, Honduras

The Utila Island is part of the Caribbean, the home of great diving sites and maritime adventures. This is one of the most cost effective and beautiful sites in the world to go diving. Why? Because going here allows you to have access to many other famous dive sites such as Spotted Bay, Joshua’s Swash, Black Hill, West End and more!

Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

This is a spectacular scuba diving destination. It’s a marine park with over 100 diving opportunities, making it a great destination for scuba divers who want to spend their summer vacation with a new destination every single day. Plus, taking into mind that it’s a marine park, you can see a fresh and great underwater world free from any exploitation.

That’s some of the best places to scuba dive. Get your gear ready and head to one of those destination this summer!